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Country Living Series

The Following is a syllabus developed by the Hood River, Oregon School District. The Lummi Island Grange is going to offer a series of classes/workshops throughout the year. They call it The Country Living Series.

The Country Living Class Series is geared to fit the age-old concepts of the Grange, which promotes country living, protecting family farms, and the environment while building strong communities. These classes will provide island residents with solutions to rising food and fuel prices, food insecurity and environmental challenges by resurrecting some long lost skills, as well as, some new innovative ideas.

The Grange Committee is soliciting feedback for ideas for classes and also volunteer instructors or workshop leaders. You can make your suggestions to: Randy Smith at, Candy Jones at, Pam Miller at, Jo Ann Philpot at, or Leslie Dempsey at

Here are some of the ideas we received so far:

Starting plants, Spouting, Back yard chicken raising, Starting a garden; Worm bins; Cutting up a whole chicken, Cidering, Wine Making; Beer Making; Cheese making; Sewing; Canning/Preserving/freeze; Water Bath/Pressure; Pest control; Seed saving; Pasta making; Bread making; Pie making; Plant propagation; Smoking/canning fish; How to eat vegetarian; Harvest soup; Fall/winter vegetable garden; Soap making; Pruning; Tree planting; Grafting; Foraging; Gleaning; Mushrooming; Crabbing

Some of these will be open to large groups. Others, like canning workshops, might be limited to 4-6 people. If you see something missing, let us know. If you see a class you would like to lead or have another idea, let us know.

We actually have the first workshop scheduled. On March 10th, from 10am to Noon, in the Barn at Randy Smith's, 2620 N Nugent Rd. Randy Smith has volunteered to lead this workshop, where you can learn how to make potting soil, bokashi, fertilizer and compost tea.

All of these classes lead up to the harvest season in Sept/October. The harvest season will kick off with a parade on Sept. 2 at 5pm followed by a barbecue at the Grange. We will end the first year of the Country Living Series with a Harvest Festival scheduled for Oct. 12/13/14. There will be cider pressing, displays and competitions for such things as the largest pumpkin, best canned goods, tastiest pies, etc.

Please consider helping us by leading or teaching a class.

The Country Living Series Committee

(Leslie, Pam, Candy, JoAnn and Randy)

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