Lummi Island Grange #925
PO Box 123
2215 North Nugent Road
Lummi Island, WA 98262

Emergency Shelter

The Lummi Island Grange serves as an Emergency Shelter for the island community in the event of disasters. The Red Cross maintains a mobile emergency kitchen next to the Grange Hall. The Grange itself has an emergency generator in place, in case of long term power outage to the island. Having uninterrupted power available, all the Grange’s food preparation facilities would be available to assist the community in time of disaster. In addition, some Grange members are also HAM Radio operators, and with their portable transceivers, they would be able to serve as a communications link to mainland support personnel if other means of communication are disrupted. In addition, The Grange also has a MURS Radio basestation, and is part of the "Island Intercom" network, linking most areas of the island for coordinated communications in emergencies.  Islanders will be kept warm, safe, and informed, until normal life may be resumed.

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